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There's snow on them thar hills

sunny 26 °C

We packed up the car this morning and wondered how the day was going to pan out. It was dull and overcast and the steering wheel was still on the wrong side of the car. Anyway, programmed the good old in-car sat nav and got ready to leave Frieburg. Oh oh, the sat nav is only for Germany... Luckily we had our own, so up it went and we were off. The country side was amazing as we left Freiburg. Trees and trees and trees, if you could see them through the trucks! Fortunately, by the time we stopped to get our car pass to go over the mountains I'd worked the driving thing out and Jennie started to relax. It must be amazing to see it in the snow season, there were lodges and ski cable cars everywhere. What a drive, it was well worth coming into Italy via Germany just to make the trip through and over the alps. The scenery was stunning, as we approached Switzerland the mountains started to grow and there was snow on the higher ones. Going through the tunnels was a buzz, but on the open stretches, it was a bit embarrassing to be flying along at a 130 being passed by Smartcars. We went off the highway and down into this little village on the edge of an alpine lake, very pretty. With a bit more time it would have been good to explore a bit. But our accommodation in Milan seemed to be a bit serious about knowing exactly when we would arrive. Ha, eta of 3.30 got completely messed up... Due to roadworks (again) getting out of the village and back on the main road took exactly an hour - the ramp we needed was closed for repairs.. Had to go back around the lake to get to the starting point. All part of the fun. Oh yes, and there were roadworks all the way from the border to Milan. 1 lane turned into two with gallons of orange lines. Still made it to our hotel and almost got a warm welcome from the man behind the desk. Driving into Milan City was actually pretty easy, so although I don't want to jinx it, I think it'll be fine from here on in. Parked up the car on arrival and won't use it until we head of for Venice on Wednesday.

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Driving down the wrong side of the road

rain 17 °C

We arrived safe and sound after a pretty easy flight from Singapore to Frankfurt. As normal, we didn't get the car we ordered from the hire company, but they tell us it was an up-grade. Actually it's a Skoda Supurb, 6 speed manual, goes like a rocket and very comfortable. so no issues really. The drive from Frankfurt was pretty easy, but half of Europe's workforce must either be involved in planning roadworks or hiding behind barriers so they don't have to do them. Frieburg im Bresilau was our stop over on the southern edge of the Black Forrest. A quaint town, big cathedral in the centre currently being renovated. We went out for a bit of an adventure to nowhere in the car. Probably aged Jennie about 10 years. Trying to keep the car in the middle of the road was to say the least challenging. And the road got progressively narrower, the traffic coming the other way got faster, the bends got tighter and it poured with rain. Gulp. I think the conversation on the way back had a lot to do with whether or not we could hand the car back. Ha, the fun of travelling. We did wonder how the drive across Switzerland into Italy was going to go!

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The First Leg


Arrived in Singapore on the first leg of our trip. Last night we surprised Maureen at the Blu Bar at the Shangrila La. She hadn't seen it coming at all. Had a brilliant meal in the Blu Restaurant. Excellent service and very good food. Probably a bit pricey, but that was probably due to the amount of wine consumed. Weather looks a bit rough, rainy and cloudy. No doubt the shops will be on the agenda.

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sunny 28 °C

Well, after some 8 months in the planning, which seems to have come around very quickly, Jennie & I jet out of Perth via Asia to Europe on Thursday. All seems to be in order, so we'll see how we go updating this blog as we travel around. Almost packed and seemingly well under weight wise, so might be room for a bit more on the way back. We're going to have a couple of days in Singapore on the way out, then to Frankfurt to pick up a car and drive through Italy, off to the UK to go on a canal barge for 4 nights with our friends Ian and Judi, then another car trip around Scotland, with a couple of days on the Whiskey Trail, before training back to London and then back home. We've heard conflicting stories on the merits of driving over there, but not really concerned. Had a bit of a mishap on a job in Mt Magnet this week and did something to my knee, hopefully it'll settle down in time. Away for almost 6 weeks I've been informed by my loyal employees who'll be holding the fort and heaving sighs of relief that the business will be run as it should be at least for the time I'm away.

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